Norwegian Sky 
March 27 – 30, 2020


Join Anna and Victor on their first journey as husband and wife!

 Following their ceremony, celebratory toast and reception, guests will depart for the Port of Miami, in anticipation of your  three-night cruise sailing.


  • Port of Call                                Date                        Arrival Time                         Departure Time
  • MIAMI                                       03/27/20                                                                              5:00 PM
  • GREAT STIRRUP CAY      03/28/20                     6:00 AM                                     6:00 PM
  • NASSAU                                   03/29/20                     7:00 AM                                     4:00 PM
  • MIAMI                                      03/30/20                     7:00 AM



                                                                                                                                                                      GROUP BLOCK SUMMARY
                                 Cabin Type                                           Pricing Category                                    Total Fare/Guest (taxes and fees included)

  1.      Mid-ship Balcony                                                  BA                                                                                   $960.98
  2.      Oceanview with Large Port Hole               OD                                                                                   $675.98
  3.      Inside                                                                            ID                                                                                    $628.48

    Please be advised, the Cruise Fare is part of the Total Fare/Guest.  As part of your group’s negotiations, the Cruise Fare is guaranteed.  Unfortunately, taxes and fees are         subject to change at any time (i.e. surge in fuel prices, additional governmental fees, etc.); therefore, the following identifies the guaranteed Cruise Fare:  

  1.     $721.05
  2.     $436.05
  3.     $388.55

NOTE:  There are seldom any significant changes, if at all. 

                                                                                                                            ELIGIBILITY OF COMPLIMENTARY GROUP AMENITIES

  •     Inside Cabin:  Choose 2 amenities from 1-4 ~OR~ from a-d 
  •     Oceanview and Balcony Cabins:  Receive all 4 amenities from 1-4 ~OR~ from a-d 


                                                                                                                                                                          GROUP AMENITIES

  1.     Beverage or Soda Package (1st and 2nd guests only; gratuities not included) 
  2.     3-nights Specialty Dining Package (1st and 2nd guests only; gratuities not included)
  3.     $50.00 USD Shore Excursion Credit (per cabin)
  4.     Internet Package, 100 minutes (per cabin)


  • a)    $50.00 USD Shore Excursion Credit (per cabin)
  • b)    Internet Package, 100 minutes (per cabin)
  • c)    10 Photos Package (per cabin)
  • d)    $100.00 USD On Board Credit (OBC) (per cabin)

       Please identify your cabin type and selected amenities:

                                                                                                                                                                          NOT INCLUDED 

  •     Onboard service charges/gratuities
  •     20% gratuity on the retail value of complimentary amenities, requiring such:  Open Bar/Soda Package; Specialty Dining
  •     Any item or service personally/individually acquired which is not noted as an inclusion, herein

                                                                                                                                                                          MONIES DUE

  •     Nonrefundable Deposit:  $50.00 per person, due by November 15th , 2019
  •     Interim payments are welcome
  •     Final Payment:  Balance, as per your invoice received from us, due by December 13, 2019
  •     Credit Cards Accepted:  American Express, Visa, MasterCard; Discover
  •     Personal Checks Accepted:  With pre-printed address, to match valid driver license  

                                                                                                                                                            IMPORTANT REMINDERS

  •     As visa and documentation vary by country and are subject to change, all guests are urged to contact local immigration office or the embassy or consulate for the Bahamas to verify current entry requirements.  We, as your travel professionals have information available to us, which we’ll gladly share to answer preliminary questions; additionally, you may visit

                  Nonetheless, it is the guest’s responsibility to obtain required visas and other documentation prior to sailing. 

  •     Once your deposit is received, should you need to cancel, the following cancellation schedule applies:
  •     89-76 Days to Voyage    25% penalty
  •     75-61 Days to Voyage    50% penalty
  •     60-31 Days to Voyage    75% penalty
  •     30 days or less        100% penalty

                                                                                                                                                              ADDITIONAL OPTIONS
    I am interested in transportation from the wedding venue to the Port of Miami, please provide additional information.
    I am interested in pre-post hotel accommodations, please provide additional information. 


                                                                                                  Travel Insurance is available and highly recommended. Click here for quote.



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Reservation must be made through:             

Yamile Barrera

Travel Leaders / Leisure Travel Advisors



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